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Other Services

Vessel support.

Ship Services has worked with government as well as private entities conducting Dive and ROV work from Pt. Conception to San Diego, San Clemente, Santa Catalina, and the Channel Islands, including the sub surface inspections of every oil platform and their pipelines.

All of our boats are very well suited. Each are equipped with Dive ladders and make great Dive platforms for one day or overnight jobs with multiple riders and their associated equipment.

Efficient vessel crew changes.

Ship Servies offers efficient vessel crew changes, our team provides assistance for crew members embarking and disembarking at launch services, airports, and berth locations. In addition to crew change services, Ship Services is providing efficient immigration solutions. We have the expertise to arrange D-2/parole foreign crew.

We provide security with our reliable Gangway Security & Safeguard services. When required by U.S. Immigration/U.S. Coast Guard, we provide vessel gangway security. Our guards, who are TWIC certified and fully trained, offer comprehensive protection. Additionally, we offer a 24-hour safeguard service for any U.S. CBP detained crew, ensuring their safety and well-being.