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Our Equipment

Peruse our fleet of over 30 vessels and comprehensive equipment.

Ship Services maintains a fleet of vessels catering to offshore oil production, providing vessel support for both in-harbor and offshore environments. Our wide range of vessels offers customers diversity when selecting a vessel for their projects. Additionally, Ship Services maintains a wide variety of oil skimmers and spill response equipment and resources suited for numerous applications.

Crew Boats/OSV Equipment

Crew Boats/OSV

Ship Services maintains a fleet of over 30 vessels, providing vessel and offshore oil platform support. We operate oil tanker vessel support for our LA/LB location. Ship Services operates in the offshore oil industry from Huntington Beach Ca to Santa Barbara Ca. Ship Services has partnered with numerous companies and agencies to complete unique projects both at sea and on land. This includes military operations, satellite capsule recovery, sonar/subsea, customized diving platforms, and much more.

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Water Taxi Launch Equipment

Water Taxi Launches

Ship Services provides water transportation of persons and cargo to vessels in Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors and their outside anchorages, as well as, El Segundo anchorages and southern California offshore locations, including PAL (Pacific Area Lightering) and WCL (West Coast Lightering) areas.

Our Water Taxi Services contain the biggest and most efficient vessels for inside or outside the breakwater of the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports.

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Emergency Response Equipment

Emergency Response Equipment

In 1991 Ship Services acquired and has maintained an OSRO rating #63 with the USCG and the State of California. We maintain a fleet of response vessels, ocean skimmers, near shore skimmers, in-harbor skimmers, OSRV’s, temporary storage, HAZWOPER trained responders, ICS trained personnel, and nearly 45,000 feet of oil spill containment boom. All of which is strategically placed throughout the state of California and can be efficiently deployed to anywhere in the nation at a moment’s notice.

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